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The Photographer

David Ferebee has had a love for photography

since his college days at Hampton University.

His first camera, a Pentax K-1000, was given to him.

He took several photography classes in college,

but after graduating he followed his major

which was Television Broadcasting.

After 15 years of working for local news stations,

he started his own video production

business in Atlanta, Georgia,

called "The Edit Room, LLC".

He specializes in filming weddings,

event videography, and non-linear editing.

From that successful business he started "ER Photography".

His photography business specializes in

portraitures and head shots.

All the while David's interest in photography

has never left. Being an Emmy award winning

veteran in the broadcasting industry his journalistic

style carries over into his photography.

His passion for his work shows with every project.

He treats his clients as an extension of his business.

"If the client is not satisfied, the business is not successful."